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Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management School


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  • Lecture Phase: $2,967 per quarter or $8,900 for the entire school
  • Outreach Phase: Varies based on trip and location

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  • A successfully completed DTS


  • Training Registrar: 719-226-3062

the lecture phase

CARMs is a 9 month course that will prepare you to work in an existing restaurant, or to start a kingdom-focused business on the field. Taught by professional chefs, business and missions practitioners, CARMs covers both basic cooking skills as well as more complex menu items. Restaurant management and business principles are an integral part of course content.

Course content includes:

  • Business as Mission
  • The Biblical View of Nutrition
  • Knife Skills and Butchery
  • Introduction to Cooking
  • Sauces and International Cuisine
  • Introduction to Baking
  • Service and Front of House
  • Effective Personal Ministry
  • Product and Food Management
  • Restaurant Management
Training from Professional Chefs
Hands on Training in our Commercial Kitchen
Use Food to Change the World

the outreach phase


Upon completion of your training, you will be placed in a 2-3 month internship of your choosing in order to put all your newly acquired skills to use.

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Will I be able to make perfectly cooked eggs?

Yes! You’ll learn much more than that too!

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