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Business As Mission

Bring the Kingdom of God to the least reached peoples by creating businesses that operate with Biblical principles to bring spiritual, social, environmental and economic transformation to a community.

What is BAM?

Business as Mission (BAM) is a strategy for the specific purpose of the transformation of people and communities: spiritually, economically, environmentally and socially – for the glory of God through a viable and sustainable business which has Kingdom of God values, purpose, perspective, and impact. Ultimately, the business is the ministry.

What we do

YWAM's 12th Foundational Value is "Do first, then teach". This is what the BAM Team is all about. We are teaching BAM while we are doing it!

Teaching BAM

BAM Discipleship Training School (DTS)

The DTS is the core school that every YWAMer takes to lay a foundation for ministry to the nations. In the BAM DTS, students learn how Business as Mission is being used to make a strategic impact in missions. The BAM Team runs the BAM Focus portion of this DTS three times each year.


The first school in YWAM to teach business skills, the SOBE is intended to prepare someone to start a business amongst the least reached. Students write a business plan through the six-week intensive course and present to a panel of business people for their final exam. Our network of coaches and our experienced BAM staff come alongside the student to successfully implement their plan. The BAM Team will run its sixth SOBE in May 2019.


CARMS is a two-year course that will equip you to walk forward in God’s call on your life. Whether that's working in an existing restaurant, or starting a Kingdom-focused business on the field. Students who complete this course come away with a professional cooking certificate and the skills to run a BAM restaurant. This school will re-launch in August 2019!


In the BAM initiatives we run, as well as the significant network of BAM practitioners in YWAM that we serve, we can provide internship opportunities to hone your BAM skills before you step out into your own initiative.

Doing BAM


In September 2014 the BAM Team took over what was primarily a campus coffee shop run by volunteers for our staff and students and converted it to a full BAM initiative open and welcoming to the public. The business grew rapidly and was named one of Colorado Springs fastest growing businesses in 2016. Today, the public makes up the vast majority of our customers and we provide 6-8 jobs to local people. Kairos Coffee House is a model that keeps our own staff's business skills sharp while multiplying its brand and values around the world in BAM initiatives amongst the least reached. Kairos Coffee House Website


We have successfully started several BAM initiatives on the field over the last several years, which now employ more than 100 people. These businesses are discipling followers of Jesus, impacting the Sphere of Business and in some cases combating human trafficking.


Kairos Traders is a fulfillment center for our overseas business partners, and sells retail and wholesale products made by businesses fighting human trafficking and exploitation in Asia. The businesses we partner with do this in one of two ways; prevention or restoration. Those that are preventing human trafficking and exploitation do so by bringing jobs to impoverished communities that are vulnerable. The businesses that are helping with restoration are intentionally hiring survivors of trafficking and exploitation to provide a safe place for them to rebuild their lives. We love the products we sell and the purpose behind them. Kairos Traders Website


For more than 20 years our company (not named for security reasons) has provided secure communication solutions for missionaries, mission agencies, NGO's and BAM initiatives around the world. Our track record of doing this is unblemished.

Supporting BAM


Full-time YWAM missionaries cannot reach the least reached alone. Especially when it involves doing BAM. Our growing network of BAM coaches are serving YWAM missionaries around the world who are doing BAM. These coaches take their proven business skills that they use in the marketplace every day and use them to serve BAM practitioners.


This fund provides 0% interest loans for BAM startups and growth needs. Give to an aid project and your money is spent once. Give a charitable donation to the BAM Investment Funds and your funds will be used again and again to support BAM initiatives around the world! Along with the financial assistance, we provide ongoing coaching and onsite visits to support the businesses as they pay back their loans.


Not every successful business person can teach. But for those that can, we have a place for you! Pass on the skills that you have developed through years of doing Kingdom Business by teaching in one or more of our BAM training schools. In 2019 we will take the SOBE overseas. Come and join us for a few days and teach future BAM practitioners on the field where they work!


Nothing can replace seeing BAM take place first-hand in some of the hardest places to work on the planet. In the BAM Impact Tours our experienced staff guide you on a short-term mission trip where you see BAM in the 10/40 Window with your own eyes. We will keep you safe and healthy while you build relationships with BAM field practitioners that will lead to years of fruitful service. One-on-one coaching and seminar teaching opportunities will exist throughout the trip as well. Join us twice each year on these life-changing trips!

Getting Involved

Whether you are a young person exploring a call to mission and to business, or a business professional with a desire to get involved with BAM, we have a place for you! Just complete our inquiry form and one of our staff will get in touch with you shortly!

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