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Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management School


  • August 2019 - June 2021


  • TBA

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  • A successfully completed DTS


  • Training Registrar: 719-226-3062

the lecture phase

CARMs is a 2 year course that will equip you to walk forward with God’s call on your life. Whether that would be for you to work in an existing restaurant, or to start a kingdom-focused business on the field. We are partnering with a culinary school here, in Colorado Springs. At the end of 2 years you will receive a diploma from the culinary school and also one from CARMS. In addition to the culinary school, you will be receiving supplemental teachings to bring through the true heart of CARMS, making Jesus known through business and restaurants. It is taught by professional chefs, business and missions practitioners. CARMS covers both basic cooking skills as well as more complex menu items. Restaurant management and business principles are an integral part of course content. This course has 3 trimesters a year, from August - June.

Course content includes:

  • Business as Mission
  • Community development
  • Cross cultural thinking
  • Hearing God's Voice in Business
  • Business Planning and Development
  • Lean Startup
  • Integrating Business and Mission
  • Developing a Spiritual Bottom Line in your Business
  • Funding your startup
  • Foundations of cooking
  • World Cuisine
  • Baking and Pastry
  • Adv. Management/Restaurateur
  • Understand the Masters
Training from Professional Chefs
Hands on Training in our Commercial Kitchen
Use Food to Change the World

the outreach phase


Upon completion of your training, you will have the opportunity to do an internship, per your request. This would help advance your training and real world understanding of the culinary needs and how business is run internationally. We have contacts with people who are doing it! It is a great opportunity to get time under people who already have established restaurants or other food and beverage businesses. The costs will be at your expense.

frequently asked questions

Will I be able to make perfectly cooked eggs?

Yes! You’ll learn much more than that too!

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