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Encounter DTS


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  • Lecture Phase: $3,725
  • Outreach Phase: $2,150 - $2,495 (most locations) + airfare
  • International students please contact us for exact cost

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  • Training Registrar: 719-226-3062
  • If you are an international, please contact our admissions team for your country's specific apply by date.

the lecture phase

For the first half of the school, each DTS participates in shared lectures with a range of topics from speakers from around the world.

The Encounter DTS is a way to experience and usher the presence of God to those around us. With a focus on: street evangelism, spreading the gospel, and actively living a life that reflects what we know to be true. This focus has the ability to take what is learned in lecture and bring it to our lives in new exciting ways. As students dive deeper into the radical story of God, they can bring that to the city, our neighbors, and eventually the nations. “Encounter” consists of weekly break out sessions where students dive deeper into the concept of evangelism and practice it on the street themselves. While also having one weeklong in depth session focused on how to effectively share / how to hear Gods voice for other people. ‘Encounter’ is an extension of the belief that others can experience the love of Jesus through our simple and every day acts of obedience. Taking this course will equip students with on-the-street training, how to effectively share their testimony, and how to accurately & clearly communicate the gospel. We believe that each of us has the honor and responsibility to demonstrate the power of God through our simple obedience. That the true power of God comes from something as small as our every day actions! This focus is an avenue to actively live out the word and that truth in our daily lives. Students will be equipped with the tools to be adaptable and unafraid in sharing what God has said to those who desperately need it.

the outreach phase

Finally, each DTS comes together and prayerfully splits up into teams to be then sent to the nations. Students spend the remaining months overseas reflecting Jesus’ call to ‘GO’. In teams across the 10/40 window students are given the opportunity to explore and apply all they learned in the lecture phase. It’s a great opportunity to begin implementing and further exploring the gifts God has given you.

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