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School of Worship


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  • Lecture phase: $3,775
  • Outreach: $1,995 + airfare

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  • Training Registrar: 719-226-3062

the vision

The School of Worship is an intensive secondary course designed to prepare students to engage in releasing worship and prayer in the remaining least-reached locations in the 10/40 Window to fulfill the Great Commission!

the lecture phase

During the lecture phase we will emphasize leading worship and prayer as a team, leading worship and prayer within the western local church culture, and leading worship and prayer in non-western cultures.

Here are several additional topics we hope to cover:

  • Biblical Foundation for worship & prayer
  • Following the Holy Spirit in leading worship & prayer
  • Songwriting from Encounter
  • Prophetic worship
  • Convergence of prayer, worship & missions
  • Harp & Bowl (Rev 5:8)
  • Intimacy in worship
  • How to lead teams/team dynamics
  • Musicianship
  • Practical application
  • Musical development workshops
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Convergence of worship, prayer and missions
SOW Prophetic Worship
Prophetic worship
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the outreach phase

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The outreach phase will provide a practical hands-on application of the skills and heart learned during the lecture phase. It is our desire to participate in worship and strategic prayer alongside missionaries serving among least-reached people groups and/or strategic locations where least-reached people groups reside.

frequently asked questions

Is there a prerequisite for taking the School of Worship?

Yes. You must have completed a YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School).

Is this school only for worship leaders?

No. Our desire is to provide a holistic training which includes musicians, singers and sound technicians as well as intercessors.

Will I need to bring any instruments?

It’s a great idea to bring travel-sized instruments like guitars, ukuleles, etc., but not required.

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