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Thank you for applying to staff

Before you apply for staff please read the following information, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Personnel at (719) 226-3110, or e-mail us at

***It is required to have completed a Discipleship Training School before applying for staff.***

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Please read below first

Before considering any type of involvement in YWAM’s ministry here at YWAM COS-SF, we urge you to seek God’s guidance through prayer, Bible study, and counsel from your pastor, mature Christian friends, and family.

Please complete all of the questions on the application. Husbands and wives should complete separate applications.

YWAM COS-SF has a training requirement in addition to the DTS/CDTS. All staff must complete a secondary school & practicum within two years of becoming YWAM COS-SF staff. For YWAMers with extensive training and field experience adjustments may be made to this requirement. If your intention is to be sent out and sustained from the field office of YWAM COS-SF you will be required to complete the School of Strategic Missions & practicum.

All staff applicants are asked to obtain a background check. When you submit this application you will receive an email with a web link where you will fill out your information and pay an online fee. The background check summary will be sent to us. If you completed your DTS, CDTS, or a YWAM Secondary School here at COS-SF within the last 12 months, this requirement is waived since a background check was done for those schools.

There is a non-refundable application fee of $40.00 (USD) per person, $70.00 per couple/family. We accept check or international money order only, but not cash. The fee can also be paid via credit card at Please select “other” from the drop down menu, and type in Staff App Fee in the “What is it for?” box that will appear.

All responses are strictly confidential and your honesty is appreciated.

Once the Application and Reference Forms are received, they will be sent to Campus leadership for a prayerful decision. Decisions typically take 3 to 4 weeks, but could take as long as 8 weeks.

When you are accepted as staff you will be notified by Personnel. This notification will include any conditions (e.g. minimum support) to be met prior to arriving at the Campus. It will also tell you when you may arrive at the Campus. Please do not come to the Campus prior to this notification.


YWAM does not pay any salary. All staff members need to have their own financial resources or pledged financial support that is adequate to cover all of their financial needs. We believe having adequate financial support is vital to a successful start as a missionary. You are required to raise your own support from churches, family and friends, or use your own financial resources.

The minimum monthly support required is $1,000 for singles, $1,600 for couples, and $200 per child

The recommended monthly support is $2,000 for singles, $3,200 for couples, and $500 per child

If you need information as to how to raise support, we recommend you read the book “The God Ask”, by Steve Shadrach.

Paid jobs outside of YWAM COS-SF are not permitted.

You may submit your Application even if your monthly support amount does not meet the minimum. However, if you are accepted as staff, you will not be allowed to arrive at the Campus until your support is at the minimum level.

Once you are approved as staff and if you plan to have your support processed through the Campus, you will need to sign three additional forms: a Memorandum of Financial Agreement, a Deputized Fundraising Agreement, and an IRS Form W-9. Our Donor Services department can then process your support so that your supporters will receive a tax deduction receipt for their contributions. Someone from Personnel will email you these documents upon acceptance.


As you apply to become staff at this Campus, we are asking you to join the whole ministry of YWAM Strategic Frontiers Colorado Springs. Our philosophy regarding ministry is that all positions are valid and spiritual. Some people are gifted and talented in accounting and some in maintenance. One gift is no more spiritual than the other and both are needed in our ministry to accomplish our mission.

You will have a primary ministry; you may have a secondary ministry in which to serve. Your primary ministry will be with a Ministry Team where you spend most of your time; if you have a secondary ministry, it will be with a different Ministry Team. You also will have a campus contribution, typically 4-hours per week. Your campus contribution typically entails a services area. This requires many people to do various jobs that may not fall under their “ministry”.

In addition, we all serve in occasional capacities unrelated to our ministry calling, i.e., kitchen duties/lunch preparation, All-Hands-On-Deck, security patrol (for men), etc. The kitchen duties/lunch preparation is something all staff do, usually 3 to 5 times each quarter.

You are asked to make two commitments: one to YWAM and one to YWAM COS-SF.

The commitment you make to YWAM is the Memorandum of Agreement. You must sign and date this as part of your Staff Application. Please read through this carefully, because this is where you make a two-year commitment to YWAM. The Memorandum of Agreement is our “proof ” (should it ever be required) to the Internal Revenue Service that you and our other staff members have made long-term (two-year) commitments.

The commitment you make to YWAM COS-SF is to the primary ministry or Ministry Team you will be working with. This commitment can be made during the application process or shortly after your application is approved and you arrive on Campus. This commitment needs to be for at least one year.

Apply Now

The application can be found by the title of NSO (New Staff Orientation). Please select the application for the quarter you would like to join. If you end up coming at a different quarter than the one you select, you will not need to reapply. Just send us an email and let us know.