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Teaching and Ministry Development Seminar


We aren’t currently running this awesome course. But let us know if you’re interested in being contacted once we have a date! E-mail our training team at


  • Lecture Phase: $1,405
  • Outreach Phase: varies depending on trip and location

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  • A successfully completed DTS


  • Training Registrar: 719-226-3062

the lecture phase

In six weeks you will learn how to communicate as a teacher, manage classroom lectures and discussions, employ a variety of teaching methods, and minister cross-culturally. Practical application, videotaped teaching sessions, and one-on-one coaching are vital components of this seminar. Course content includes engaging your audience, learning styles, teaching a Bible text, developing your topic, communicating as a teacher and more. Upon the seminar’s completion, you will leave with a week-long lesson plan on a topic of your choice, as well as a set of dynamic approaches to transformational teaching.

Practical Training
Create a Lesson Plan
Learn How to Better Communicate

the outreach phase


You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of any opportunities you may have to teach or speak. Exact dates and locations will be worked out on an individual basis.

frequently asked questions

What if I’ve never taught before?

No problem. As long as you want to learn, we’ll teach you.

How will this seminar help me in my ministry?

We’ll help you learn to organize your thoughts and present them effectively. You’ll get lots of practice speaking in front of a group, and lots of encouraging feedback. You’ll be surprised how much your speaking ability will improve.

Is there an outreach after the seminar?

Each student is encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to teach or speak. Any practical experience is set up on an individual basis. Past students have taught in DTS at their local base, or in locations such as Costa Rica, Brazil, Macedonia, India, and Cambodia. Others have used their new skills as part of a mobilization team. And still others have been able to more effectively present their own ministries at their home church.

Can I get credit from the University of the Nations for this course?

Yes. The TMDS is registered with the U of N. You’ll get 6 credits for the seminar and up to 2 (1 per week) for an outreach.

What does my tuition cover?

Tuition covers housing and food for 6 weeks, as well as all school expenses. You’ll need to pay an additional $50 room deposit and $5 key deposit, which are both refundable when you leave. Any personal items or off-base meals aren’t covered by the tuition.

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